Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream ™ offers perfection in regards to skin preparation, for the tattoo artist as well as the individual undergoing the procedure. Due to the perfect combination of lipoid and water soluble components, it is the only topical anesthetic cream that will leave the skin without any distortion or swelling that interferes with the tattoo artists’ ability to use their meticulous detail to artwork. “An artist needs the perfect canvas to do their best work”.  Further, it offers the most relaxing and pain free experience possible.

Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream ™ contains the purest Lidocaine and Tetracaine compounds possible, and the highest amount allowed by Food and Drug Administration.


Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream ™ is safe, reliably effective, and is the single best product known to reduce the pain of Tattooing, Body Piercing, Laser Tattoo Removal, Waxing, and other Minor Surgical Procedures such as Botox injections.


Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream ™ has been voted #1 by tattoo artists, cosmetic professionals, and clients around the world.


Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream ™: #1 Recommended numbing cream by top tattoo artists and experienced clients.


  • The only tattoo cream to reliably numb the skin while causing no distortion of the skin: Other creams available will numb skin, but cause subtle swelling which interferes with the artists’ canvas (your skin). “Even a millimeter swelling or distortion will interfere with my subtle artwork”
  • Three (3) or more hours of the most relaxing pain free tattoo experience possible.
  • Safe and reliable: Manufactured in our FDA approved laboratory, with over the counter strength, topical numbing medicine concentrations.
  • After a 3 hour tattoo session, the cream can be reapplied to continue the pain free experience.
  • Dramatically reduces post tattoo irritation and inflammation due to its additional anti-inflammatory ingredients. Less peeling and quicker healing time.
  • The most relaxing tattoo experience possible.
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